OLED Development History

Since 1963, Professor Pope of New York University has discovered the phenomenon of single crystal EL in organic materials. However, the performance of OLED devices is poor and has not attracted much attention. In 1987, Deng Qingyun and Steven from Kodak made sandwich OLED by vacuum evaporation, which greatly improved the performance of the device. In 1997, Japan Pioneer Company applied OLED display products to car speakers firstly, which opened the era of OLED display applications.


Since then, Sony, Epson and other companies have invested in the field of OLED research and development, the size of OLED screens have come out one after another. Sony launched a 13-inch OLED display in 2001; Epson released a 40-inch OLED prototype in 2004; LG released a 40-inch OLED TV prototype in 2005 and began selling OLED TV in 2009. In the OLED market, Samsung and LG have been monopolizing for a long time. Samsung occupies the market share of most mobile phone screens, while LG occupies the market share of large-scale TV screens. However, in recent years, a considerable number of domestic enterprises, such as BOE, Visionox and so on, continue to work in the field of OLED and compete with LG and Samsung.

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